How many times have we found ourselves wandering around a city we’re visiting, or lurking around its’ long-forgotten ruins and graveyards’, hoping to find a creepy and exciting story, a place where there is a dark tale or event hidden between its walls and courtyards, shrouded in mystery?

Join me, and we will explore exactly these types of places scattered around Israel and the world.

Family Vacation in Eilat

Read about our latest vacation in the resort city of Eilat on the shores of the Red Sea, with tips on how to survive a family vacation with kids, pubs you should visit, and the...

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When the city of gold is covered in white

Experience Jerusalem, the city of gold, covered in a white fluffy blanket of snow. Walk between the quaint streets of the old city and marvel at Jerusalems' surrounding nature, with its' mountains, forests and streams.

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The Mamilla Cemetery in downtown Jerusalem

Nestled in the heart of downtown Jerusalem lies Mamilla cemetery, a medieval relic in the midst of the city. Discover the history of Jerusalem while walking among the graves of soldiers, leaders, merchants, and holy...

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